Casita Torote is a double room with two queens in two rooms that are separated by a bathroom. In each room there is a small seating area and a built-in wooden structure for clothes. The light colors reflect the colors of the Torote tree help to make the casita bright and airy. And the smooth concrete stained floors and style of the room make it feel modern yet rustic all at the same time. The big, long portal and outdoor seating area have a view of the beautiful sierra and the vegetable garden.

The Torote tree is in the Burseraceae family and is common in the forest around Alamos and northwest Mexico. There are many types of Torotes and each one has distinctive qualities, including many healing properties. The Torote has smooth, dark purplish, fragrant bark. Leafless most of the year, it is one of the first trees to leaf out in the rainy summer season. There are Torotes throughout El Pedregal and the forest beyond.