Casita Pochote has a wonderfully comfortable king size bed, Mayo Indian rugs and artwork, batiks from the Yucatan and bark paintings from Oaxaca. The overall feel is intimate and cozy. The small portal off the front is a great place to enjoy the views and the beauty of the land. The shower and toilet portion of the bathroom are separated by a door from the sink area. (Max. 2 people)
The Pochote, or Kapok, is found throughout Mexico and Central America. The Pochote is a specialist in survival. It often grows in rock, and if cut down it will sprout again. Sticky, conical spines cover the length of its trunk. It produces a large pod containing fluffy, cotton-like seeds. After the rainy season the seeds float on wind currents across the desert. Birds use pochote seed fiber to line their nests. This fiber is also used for pillow stuffing and other crafts and the pochete branches are also used in living fences.