Casita Chino has a wonderful king size bed, a Sonoran terracotta tile floor, a sitting area tucked into one corner and a dresser in the other. The bathroom, at the back end of the room, is long and spacious, with views into the treetops. French doors open up onto an antique brick-floored portal with expansive views of the Sierra de Alamos. (Max. 2 people)
The Chino tree, or Mexican Ebony, is native to the states of Sonora, Sinaloa and southern Baja. The bark is used for tanning hides and many trees have the lower flanks stripped of swatches of bark. Cream-colored blooms appear in March-April with long thick brown seed pods appearing by mid-summer. This hard wood tree similar to the Mesquite and is prized for furniture building both for its color and finish. We have used it for bedside tables, sink vanities and shelving at El Pedregal.