Casita Chalate is a spacious casita with two comfortable queen size beds and a seating area with soft, sturdy equipale furniture. Beautiful Oaxacan wool rugs grace a smooth, colored concrete floor and Oaxacan bark paintings and other Mexican folk art decorate the walls. Outside, the large portal has a floor made of local flagstone and an outdoor seating area with magnificent views of the Sierra de Alamos. (Max. 4 people)
Casita Chalate is named for the massive Chalate tree, or Ficus Maxima (otherwise known as a fig). A big Chalate, like the one growing by El Pedregal’s palapa, is known as a Chalaton. El Chalaton is the name of the neighborhood surrounding El Pedregal. Chalate trees boast broad, deep green canopies and buttressed rope-like roots. The wide spreading branches often host flocks of birds during the day and fruit bats at night.