Casita Amapa, our most intimate cottage, is tucked into the woods behind the lodge. Furnished with a king size bed, an equipale reading chair and a built-in closet and a finished off with a Sonoran terracotta tile floor, this casita is brightly decorated and cozy. The bathroom has a corner shower with a window looking out to the trees. Outside, the portal has an antique brick floor and this slightly elevated seating area makes you feel as though you are one with the forest. (Max.2 people)
The Amapa tree is one of the more ‘famous’ trees in the region. Rising throughout the tropical deciduous forest is the now protected Amapa tree, splendid and colorful with pink (or rare yellow) blossoms that bloom during the dry winter months. The wood from this tree is extremely decay-resistant and was used in the original construction of all the grand homes of Alamos. All of the casitas are made with antique amapa vigas that we have collected from abandoned ranches and deserted haciendas over the years.