At El Pedregal, we have eight uniquely beautiful Casitas. Our vision for these little buildings was to make them meld into the natural landscape and look like they’d always been here. We also wanted to build in keeping with the rural ranch style of the region. To that end, we have used local materials including adobe bricks (made on site), recycled antique wood for the beams, windows, door and furniture along with the skill and knowledge of our crew who know how to use these materials. The end results are truly special.

Each Casita is a variation on a theme; no two are the same. But they all share the same style and feel. And, although the Casitas have a rustic and rural feel to them, they have all of the amenities and elements that make them elegant and comfortable. From the imported high-quality beds and fine linens, to cotton towels, pressurized water, wi-fi, mini-fridges, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and well-appointed furniture and art, the Casitas are spaces that lend themselves to relaxation and comfort.

And lastly, in an effort to build with conservation in mind, we have plumbed the Casitas with low water use toilets and grey water systems. We believe in conservation at all levels of our lives and work and feel that this awareness is a necessary part of life.

The Casitas are named after different native trees that grow in the forest of El Pedregal. Each Casita showcase their namesake works of art.

We look forward to you coming and staying with us.