Here at El Pedregal, the people working with us have become our extended family and have worked with us for years and are some of Alamos’ finest people. Everyone here knows that, no matter what their job is, they are an integral part of El Pedregal and our guests’ experience.

Angela is everywhere at El Pedregal. She helps in the kitchen, cleans the rooms and lodge and keeps things looking good and running smoothly. Her English is excellent and her humor is even better! We’ve had Angela with us for 16 great years. Her smile, genuine warmth and attentive service are much appreciated by our guests.
  Chay started out doing odd jobs at El Pedregal then joined the crew to help in the building process. He has continued on helping to keep the place working and looking good ever since. He knows all the ins and outs of the place to keep things running smoothly. Chay is a strong, hardworking young man, is always ready to help with anything and seems to always be smiling!
Sabas has worked at El Pedregal since its beginning…He worked for Elizabeth Nuzum when she first bought the place and stayed on when we became the owners. He’s one-of-a-kind and has great knowledge of the plants, the monte and more.

David and Jennifer dreamed up El Pedregal after living and working in Alamos for about 12 years. They both have contributed to its creation in different ways and continue to be very hands on in every aspect of the everyday life of their dream come true, along with the rest of the staff.

Salina and Elly grew up in Alamos and are now off in the world…but love coming home to Alamos and El Pedregal.

Mina is the sweet alpha female and the queen of the pack. Roscoe is the mellowest dog in the world. Chico is the new, big dog and very handsome! Their main job is to live the good life at El Pedregal and sometimes they bark and do other dog jobs.