El Pedregal got its start two decades ago when long time Alamos resident Elizabeth Nuzum bought a 3-acre parcel of land on the outskirts of Alamos. Situated at the base of Mt. Alamos, Elizabeth chose this specific spot because of its situation, its habitat and a magnificent old fig tree growing in the middle of the property. Close by the tree, she built a large palapa and a strawbale art studio. She visualized a place of beauty and wonder, planting special trees, shrubs and flowers, commissioning artists to create sculptures and garden art, collecting antique farm relics which she artfully placed on the land and rebuilding ancient dry stack rock walls. Elizabeth named her retreat El Pedregal, 'place of rocky terrain'.

With the passing of time, Elizabeth decided it was time to let go of her beloved El Pedregal and we were able to buy it from her in 2005 and months later we purchased the surrounding 17 acres to the original three.

Since then, we've built fences to let the land recoup from extensive cattle grazing. We've deepened the well, devised water storage and septic systems, brought in underground electricity and created an outdoor kitchen. We designed and built the main lodge and five individual guest casitas. Adobe bricks made on site provided the material to build, along with salvaged and recycled materials from old ranches, among other things. We've added extensively to Elizabeth's rock walls along with extensive natural landscaping, and also created a 2 mile trail system on the property. We've spent many hours sitting on the portal watching the sunset thinking of more creations and how to do it all!

Now we are ready to welcome people to El Pedregal and we look forward to many years of great times with our guests, our staff and our friends in Alamos. El Pedregal is a grand place for people to come together and have a good time. Elizabeth Nuzum is happy to know that her place will be enjoyed by others. So are we...